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Top Cheffage: Bravo Announces "Top Chef: Masters"

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From the Mothership comes news that yesterday, Bravo announced a number of new shows currently in development, including another edition of Real Housewives, a Project Runway-esque show for artists hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker, and finally ... Top Chef: Masters. At this point, the only details for the show are as follows:

A spin-off of the Emmy-nominated hit series "Top Chef" and from producers Magical Elves, "Top Chef: Masters" unites some of the brightest stars in the world of food, award-winning, widely-renowned Chefs who will compete against each other in a series of weekly challenges.
The questions, they are aplenty. First and foremost, will Bravo be able to pull in some big names? Will it be a season-long commitment like Top Chef or a single-episode thing? Will Bourdain and Glad products be involved? Can you imagine the delight of seeing, say, Nate Appleman and Rocco DiSpirito face off in Restaurant Wars? But the biggest question, of course, is how this recent development will affect Top Chef Junior.
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