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Surcharges Redux: Millennium's Water Equipment Charge

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Nob Hill: For the time being, there's not much else new to say on the health care surcharge issue. Points have been made, and truth be told, we see both sides. But less easy to digest for some is a charge for ... water equipment:

Starting this Wednesday, July 23rd, Millennium Restaurant will no longer offer imported bottled mineral water. We are very excited to introduce this system to the guests of our restaurant and hope you will enjoy San Francisco tap water safer & more delicious than ever! A charge of *$1/per seated guests affords an endless supply of fresh carbon & UV filtered water served chilled, room temperature or sparkling.

* This dollar ensures regular visits from the H2O Technicians of Natura, the highest quality of carbon filter changes & UV light bulb maintenance. Regular tap water will not longer be available.
Millennium, we're fans. We know times are tough, it's only a dollar and purified tap water is a great thing, but is it completely necessary to pass light bulb costs to the diner in this particular way, let alone announce it in the newsletter? Are we going to start seeing an added fee for the use of Heath Ceramics bowls around town? Perhaps a sous vide machine maintenance surcharge?