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Receiptrocity: No More Surcharges at Waterbar

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Welcome back to Receiptrocity, wherein entertaining receipts are shared amongst the masses. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it on over to

2008_07_waterbar.jpgThe Embarcadero: A regular at Waterbar sends along the pictured receipt (click on the image to see the bigger size) from a weekend meal down in Kuletoville, and you'll note that there's no health care surcharge to be found. While it would be fun to think that Bauer might have changed the restaurant's policy single-handedly with his stand on Friday, we're told that Waterbar abandoned the surcharges well before last week. In any event, the map has been updated accordingly, along with a few new additions (Epic Roasthouse still charges 4%, for those wondering). On a related note, we're curious to see if any restaurants have changed—or will change—their surcharge policies in the wake of Bauer's position, so keep your eyes open as we see how much muscle can Mikey B flex.
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