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Plywood Special: Des Amis, First Look

Spot some fresh plywood in your neighborhood? Pass along all sightings to the tipline.

Cow Hollow: It's taken much longer than expected for Des Amis (née Vache) to get off the ground, and even then, it was stop and go for some time. But now, construction is back in full swing for the Union Street brasserie by the Bacchus Management Group (Spruce, Pizza Antica). You'll recall it's going to be a French brasserie, open late, 7000 square feet and along with Betelnut and Nettie's, should make for a nice restaurant mini-row, at least in theory. If you walk by during the work hours, you'll be able to feast your eyes on the entire space; see gallery for the walkabout. It's still very raw, but early fall is the aim.
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