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Those Yelp Stickers? Not Incredibly Hard to Come By

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Noe Valley: Alrighty restaurant people, you know what this is. Sent in by a tipster, the above letter and its accompanying "limited edition" sticker is the Trojan Horse used to lure business owners online and eventually, pay for Yelp For Business Owners, the Yelpian euphemism for "sponsor." Admittedly, it's not a bad scheme at all (if a bit shameless), although we're not sure we'd classify those widespread stickers as exclusive, given every restaurant tops three stars (Eater Estimate) and your average months-old froyo shop has double that amount of reviews. In fact, we'd love to know the sticker qualifications. Anyway, what we really want to hear from you restaurant people are the other ways that Yelp has tried to lure restaurants in ... unbecoming ways. There have been rumors here and there of review manipulation, but if you have a tale of an eyebrow-raising quid-pro-quo offer from the Real Review Site, drop us a line. Anonymity always protected, natch.
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