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Slow Food USA

2008_07_gardensmall.jpgThe national eye turns to the Slow Food Fest, confronting the criticism, challenges and changes of Team Alice: "... the organization is getting a makeover. And the festival in San Francisco will be the perfect place to show off a more inclusive and more politically attuned Slow Food USA. 'I don't know if it's going to be the youthful, happening Woodstock they want it to be, but it certainly has the potential,' said Corby Kummer, a food columnist, book author and Slow Food board member. 'It will be a failure if it is only well-dressed people over 35 from the Bay Area treating it as if it's another Ferry Plaza Farmers Market' — a reference to the place where well-fed San Franciscans and celebrity farmers chat over perfect peaches and soft, ripe cheese." And so the nation's yuppie watch begins. [NYT]