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EaterWire: Press Club Delayed, Taquerias Get Protesty

YERBA BUENA—New signage is up at Press Club, but even though the subterranean tasting room/wine bar has been ready to open for about three months now, the delays continue. The good news is that the liquor-related red tape is finally cleared up, and they are just waiting for the ABC to process the complicated licensing, which hopefully should come through in the next week or so. Following that, they'd be ready to roll in seven to ten days, so mid-August is the latest guess. [EaterWire]

NOE VALLEY—Workers and activists are up in arms against one Victor Juarez, who is being accused of all kinds of bad things (stealing tips, no OT, etc) by his so-called "Taquerias of Terror" empire. Juarez's carnitas conglomerate includes Azteca Taqueria, Casa Mexicana, La Fonda, La Tortilla, and Mexico Au Parc. SFist has the entire press release/manifesto should you be inclined to stop/avoid tonight's 24th St. protest. [SFist]

HAYES VALLEY—Food, music and urban-produced vino come to town this weekend: "On Sunday, five local winemakers will be pouring more than 20 of their San Francisco-made wines for curious sippers on the patio behind Arlequin Wine Merchant. In addition to Kurtzman, the lineup includes Chris Brockway of Broc Cellars, Andrew Vingiello of A.P. Vin, Carl Sutton of Sutton Cellars and Bryan Harrington of Harrington Wine." Tickets are $25 beforehand; $35 at the door. [Chron]

CHICAGO—In her sly bid to start the White House Kitchen Cabinet and her well-publicized bid to get a garden on the White House lawn, the "magical and fairylike" Alice Waters will be shopping (cooking?) for dinner for the Obamas in Chicago. That is all. [The Stew]