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Limon Update: Rotisserie Sequel Not Yet Ready

The Mission: A few people have inquired about the state of affairs regarding the new Limon spinoff that suddenly surfaced last week. We stopped by a few days ago, and the place didn't look very polished (see above), even though a debut was originally/optimistically planned for yesterday (Wednesday). Sure enough, according to an Eater Operative reporting from the corner of 21st and South Van Ness last night, Limon Rotisserie was still doing big construction work feverishly into the early evening hours, including taking out the tile flooring. They're moving quickly, so it's hard to say how far off it is, but from what we've seen and heard, it's not even in its Post-Plywood phase yet. The exterior, however, has a paint job that befits the name. Which is nice.
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