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CollichioWire: Westfield Outage Cripples 'Wichcraft

Westfield: For the nice mall in town, Westfield Shopping "Centre" sure seems to have a few issues, especially when it comes to its resident celebrity chefs. Earlier this summer, Charles Phan was forced to shutter Out the Door for nearly two months in the wake of significant leakage from the mall above. This weekend, Tom Colicchio—or more likely, his local stand-in—had to pull the plug on 'Wichcraft after Westfield, uh, pulled the plug on them (though a new sign this morning blames a downtown-wide blackout). The good news is that 'Wichcraft should be back by tomorrow, but this can't be a promising trend for luring future mall denizens. In the meantime, Bradley Ogden upstairs might want to be on high alert.
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