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EaterWire: Top Chef Visits MBC, French in East Bay, More!

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THE MISSION—A reservation you might want to make ASAP is the following: Ryan Scott and Mission Beach Cafe will play host to Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard this Saturday: "The two star chefs, who met as fellow contestants on this season's hit TV show, will co-create and present a tasting menu highlighting their signature styles. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience ... The 5-course, prix fixe dinner is $95 per person." [City Dish]

EAST BAY—The other side of the Bay is getting an influx of French restaurants. Earlier this month, Chevalier opened in Lafayette—complete with a "fountain, roses, grapes and Victorian lamp posts"—and next month will see the debut of Bijou in Hayward. Manning the kitchen for the latter will be a Parisian chef named Christian Nam-Hee. [CCT]

'BUCKSWIRE—You thought they were on their way out, but you were wrong: "Starbucks Corp said on Friday it would continue sales of hot breakfast sandwiches and that it changed the recipe to make their smell interfere less with the aroma of coffee." Now that that's settled. [Reuters]

LOS ANGELES—As expected, the LA city council has approved the fast food moratorium in a low income area of Los Angeles. Some SoCal folks are in favor of the ban (obviously), but many think it's a silly idea, seeing as how "sit-down chains" are just as unhealthy. [~ELA~]

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