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Ask Eater: Where to Open a New Bar?

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The following note recently found its way into the Eater Inbox, and we're thinking that you, dear readers, would be a good resource for this future business owner:

I am a possible future bar buyer. I have been a bartender for years, and it finally has come down to where I need my own place ... I was wondering what you thought about San Francisco overall as far as our continued success in the bar world.

I was born and raised here, my roots go way back and I really don't see the city slowing down at all ... I have seen it grow into this wonderful drinking and eating place! So much talent, and the people that are moving here are so excited to be here.

I am looking at SoMa near the Ballpark, and maybe North Beach.

Can you give me some advice to find the perfect neighborhood to buy a bar? There are a few for sale, all in different locals.

Naturally, we sought out a few more details regarding the vision of the prospective bar, like the desired scene, vibe, clientele, scope, etc., so here are a few more items of note:
I am, I guess, wanting to do my work in a normal bar setting, that is clean, cozy, not sports with CAL Flags hanging, but where you can have a little of everything. No bullshit, no fakes. A home away from home for my customers. Location is key for me now that I really can do this.

One TV would be fine, right ? I get irritated with EMF's.

Neighborhood, with regular clientele

We should add that the inquisitive bartender-turned-owner in question is a well-regarded veteran of the local bar/cocktail scene. And now, we put it to the internet: in what San Francisco neighborhood should this person open a new establishment? What best fits the criteria, which area could use something like the described neighborhood-y bar, and perhaps most importantly, where is the best chance of success?

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