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Eater Field Trip: Braving Americana at Pier 39

Frankly, we can't think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than to a take a little tour of San Francisco's finest, and possibly last, stronghold of touristy Americana: Pier 39. It's a fascinating, shitshow of a place, and of course overpriced restaurants are at the center. Unlike Ghirardelli Square's recent efforts to win over the local populace, for better or worse, there are no such attempts on the pier; here, the ATM machine is literally and symbolically juxtaposed with the restaurant directory. So, we decided to take you on a little tour (click through the photos above), and as luck would have it, there are actually several new restaurant developments that are slated to arrive (and most likely, be ignored by locals) in the next few months that are sure to push the envelope: a wine bar and ahem, the pier's first ethnic food. Edgy! But don't worry: the mac 'n cheese bread bowls and Bubba Gumps aren't going anywhere. For more of the sights, sounds, and mascots of San Francisco's red-headed child, to the gallery you go.
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