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Plywood Report: Sake Zone, Horatius, The Patio, MORE!

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Spot something new on your block? The tip line awaits. Bonus points if you include photos.

1) The Richmond: Let's examine the multiple instances of brilliance at work in the above shot of 1115 Clement St, shall we? Yes, let's: a) despite the "Bussines Closed" sign on the door, the Grand Opening sign somehow, amazingly made it through the entire restaurant's lifetime; b) not only did the Grand Opening banner survive, but so did the simultaneous signage for both previous incarnations (Bubble Zone and V Sizzling Plate); and finally, c) as seen by the liquor license activity, the shuttered Bubble Zone is ditching the boba angle (that's so 2005) and going alcoholic to morph into Sake Zone. We can only hope a third business name is added to the facade. But will they reuse the opening banner? [PLYWOOD]

2) Potrero Hill: We are very curious as to the activities at 350 Kansas. The culinary academy says they are not involved in the project right across the street, called Horatius (aka the cyclops). The space—which is rather large— is in the midst of a build-out, so if you know something, do let us know. [PLYWOOD]

3) The Castro: Right off the corner of Castro and 16th, fresh teases are up for Frapez, a "Smoothie Spa" advertising freshly prepared nutritional smoothies. We'll let you make the jokes on this one. [PLYWOOD]

4) The Mission: A week from today, ice cream shop hopeful Humphry Slocombe will go before the Planning Commission to try to swing a Change of Use permit for 2790 Harrison (at 24th). As Blogger Gagliardi noted last week, it's going to a gourmet ice cream shop from Jake Godby, a pastry chef who has put in time at Boulevard, Coi, and Fifth Floor, among others. Inside, it's a small space, but has a ways to go before that reputed August debut. [PLYWOOD]

5) Bonus Castro: The exterior plywood shell is currently (temporarily?) down at The Patio, the long-shuttered space has been famously stuck in the mud for over 10 years now. Despite claims to the contrary, the space is still very, very raw, but perhaps more importantly, we're wondering if this new development means that the construction firm (there were rumors of disagreements) has bailed. [PLYWOOD, previously]

Humphry Slocombe

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