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On Food Bloggers & Reporters

Blogger/Shop Owner Lovescool has been an amateur sweets fiend, a blogger and, now, a proprietor at the mercy of both the mainstream media and the blogger fray: "I can spot a blogger at Amai from a mile away, and I love it. They usually come in alone, order at least 4 different things, then set everything up on a table and take pictures before trying a bite of each one ... Many restaurateurs get upset with bloggers and embrace reporters. I'm not exactly sure why, but it may be a misconception that bloggers are amateurs and get the facts wrong. I don't think this is true, and even if it was, it misses the point of a review. From my experience with Amai, mistakes have been made equally between bloggers, commenters and experienced press members... Seeing both sides of this picture has made me less inclined to bring my camera and take pictures when I eat." [Lovescool via Eater]