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EaterWire: Cheesecake Specials, Go Fish's Patio Glory

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UNION SQUARE—Should you be in the market for $1.50 cheesecake with a side of tourist, you. are. in luck. We mentioned it a few weeks ago, but today and only today, the Cheesecake Factory is celebrating its 30-year anniversary by rolling back all cheesecake slice prices to the way they were back in 1978: $1.50. [EaterWire]

ST. HELENA—Cindy Pawlcyn's newly-remodeled outdoor area at Go Fish is complete, and it pretty much sounds like Wine Country on a patio: canvas awnings, mulberry trees, marble-topped tables, a Carrera marble bar, mist machines and even a stone fireplace. Oh, and did we mention the garden? "There aren’t a lot of bars with cherry tomatoes, eggplant, basil and zucchini plants that greet you right as you walk in,' Pawlcyn points out." Oh Napa. [NVR]

CALIFORNIA—As predicted, not too many chefs are concerned in the least about the state's shiny new ban on trans fats. Says LA chef Eric Greenspan: "As long as they don't ban olive oil or butter we'll be fine. And duck fat. And schmaltz." [Zagat via Eater LA]

MICHAEL MINA'S WORLD—The latest city to get a Michael Mina restaurant is Washington DC. Mina will be opening another branch of Bourbon Steak there in December. Rockwell is designing for Mina again, but an exec chef has not yet been named. [WaPo]

CORPORATE AMERICA—As the mothership points out: celebrity chefs, the marketing arm of the Food Network, and 1-800-Flowers: you've all gone too far. [1-800 Flowers]

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