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Dosa Wars, Part One: Dinner Rush Spot Check

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The Mission: Since Udupi Palace opened up shop across the street from Dosa, the city's undisputed Indian king—not to mention the only other South Indian specialist in town—Valencia Street has been ground zero for the Dosa Wars. Crowds regularly congregate on the sidewalks of both restaurants, and though there are more than a few differences between the two, there's no denying a rivalry. Eater Operatives decided to kick off the show with a quick heat check last night. During prime dinner rush (~7:45pm), the findings were as follows:

· Dosa: full dining room, one or two open seats at the bar, a few people waiting outside, quoted wait: approx. 30 minutes

· Udupi Palace: full dining room, many more people on the sidewalk (pictured, obv.), more neon lights, quoted wait: 20 minutes

And the bell sounds on Round One. In the meantime, we've heard Unterman's take, so do share your opinions. It's only been a month, but how does Udupi stack up to the incumbent champ?
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