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Top Chef Rumormongering: Jamie Lauren on Season 5?

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As you may or may not be aware, the next season of Top Chef is currently filming, and we've been hearing from several reliable sources that it's very possible that Absinthe's Jamie Lauren just ... might ... be one of the cheftestants. Of course, no confirmation on this rumor will coming from either side until Bravo officially announces the cast, at which point we'll be completely wrong, or god forbid, proven correct. Nonetheless, consider the following items of note:

Fact: Jamie Lauren attended the TC casting call in April.
Fact: Jamie Lauren can certainly cook.

Fact: Jamie Lauren has many tattoos (a plus in Bravo's eyes).
Fact: Jamie Lauren is not big on Rachael Ray (another plus).
Fact: And the big one: upon inquiry, Jamie Lauren was not on the Absinthe premises earlier in the week.
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