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EaterWire: Dishman Staying in Sonoma, More 1300 Brunch

SONOMA—Last week, it came out that Preston Dishman is on his way out at The General's Daughter, but the Southern cuisine specialist wants to remain in the area: "Dishman says he's hoping to stay local and has a few offers already. He'll be at the General's Daughter through July. His wife, who manages the restaurant's front-of-the-house operations is also leaving. Does anyone smell a possible love match for John Ash, where Chef Madura recently departed?" [BiteClub]

THE FILLMORE—We already had Sunday brunch at 1300 on Fillmore, and as of this weekend past, chef/owner David Lawrence has decided to expand the service to include a Saturday version too. Hangtown fries, now available two days a week. [City Dish]

THE TELEVISIONS—Tonight, one Anthony Bourdain returns to your home, with the premiere of the new season of No Reservations. The Duke of Cutlets has a nice little video preview of the entire season, where we learn that some of the destinations for the new season include Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Spain, and tonight's episode in Laos. [Cutlets]

THE INTERNETS— It's pork week on Slate Salon this week. It's like Shark Week, but less scary and you have to read about it. [Salon via Eater]

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