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Good News/Bad News: Kasa

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Suffice to say, Kasa Indian Eatery has generated a good amount of buzz in its first two weeks. Maybe it was the PR blitz, maybe it is the location, maybe it is the taqueria gimmick, maybe it's the street food concept itself, but people are talking about Kasa. Take for example the fact that the purple Indian taqueria already has 91 Yelp reviews, or roughly five times more than the struggling Sundance Kabuki Kitchen, open since December. With that, here's what the world wide webs are saying about Kasa:

Good Traffic News: "Tried their lamb and chicken. Yum! I'm predicting hit. Plenty of traffic at noon on a weekday." [Eater Comments]

Bad Traffic News: "I was also dismayed by the speed that we got our order. With things so simple I would have thought it would take less than 20 minutes to go through 10 people. The line felt unnecessarily long. Or have an option to order, then another place to pick it up. We went at a late dinner time, but the line went out the door quickly enough ... This place is fun to go if you are OK with the wait and the selection." [Yelp]

More Good News: "The roti is thicker than what I'm accustomed to from Southeast Asian cuisine; chewy and hand made. It's a clean sunny space. Not sure about all those metal stools, but I liked the metal TV trays, and the owner introduced himself, beaming, and gestured to his wife who was cooking. As much as I liked the roti rolls, I loved the fresh chopped salad and raita. Mango juice was perfect. Thumbs up, not the least because of the enthusiasm of all the staff, and because there's so few decent options in the Castro. Indian tacos is such a simple but good concept." [CH]

More Bad News: "My main issue is the price to expected food ratio. If you go in thinking, 'Indian Burritos' you'll be sorely disappointed. Each one of the wraps is pretty small, probably about 1/4 the size of a Mission burrito. Some of my party made that mistake and ended up hungry after ordering only the 1 or 2 roll version. The 3 roll order for 12 bux was just sufficient enough for a hungry growing boy like myself. And for a take-out counter style restaurant that is pretty pricey." [Yelp]

Now, we're curious as to your thoughts on Kasa. Can it sustain its popularity with such a simple menu? Do the minimalist interior and metal trays work for you? Would you rather it was named Urban Turban (also an off-menu item)? To the comments you go! [Photo: Jennifer Yin]