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The Dish: Marche, Boulange De Market and More Froyo!

The Dish is your source for all the latest and greatest openings around town. Drop your sightings in the tip jar, please.

1) Ghirardelli Square: The upstairs bistro (Bar Marche) and accompanying wine bar aren't due until Wednesday, but Marche on the Square is officially open for business. With a short medley of sandwiches, meats, and assorted Dean & Deluca-esque packaged products, the offerings are fairly slim in the earlygoing, but we're looking forward to seeing what kind of impact, if any, the bistro makes on the dining scene. Go ahead and place your bets. 900 North Point Street, at Larkin; (415) 359-0365; website [EaterWire]

2) Financial District: Today is opening day for La Boulange de Market, the newest addition to Boulangerie's quickly-growing local empire. By now, the Boulange offerings are well-known (croissants, coffee), but this one is smaller than most others, and of course, being right on Market, it's the first Boulange in the hustle and bustle of downtown. Open 6:30am to 6pm. 685 Market Street, between Third and New Montgomery; (415) 512-7610; website [EaterWire]

3) Financial District: Almost right next door to La Boulange de Market is the new location of Rincon Center's YoCup, which arrived right on schedule this Saturday. 685 Market Street, between Third and New Montgomery; website [EaterWire]

4) FiDi/SoMa: But YoCup isn't the only froyo newbie in the vicinity, as Yogurt Bar—which was one of the first (the first?) of this new generation of frozen yogurt here in San Francisco—also opened right around the corner on Mission Street. In an effort to stand out from the froyo crowd, Yogurt Bar is offering opening smoothie specials ... so ... there's that. 680 Mission Street, between Third and New Montgomery; (415) 974-1300; website [EaterWire]