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EaterWire: Spago Vets at Zuppa, Manresa Hosts Redzepi

SOMA—Joseph Manzare has added some star power to his Sunday dinners at Zuppa, in the form of some pals from his days at Spago: "[Anne Gingrass-Paik] will be consulting chef on the regional Italian menu offered at Zuppa on Sundays. Joining her on the line is [Naoki] Uchiyama of Palo Alto's long-shuttered Le Poisson Japonais. Manzare says he dragged Uchiyama 'by the ear' from Tokyo to help him open a high-end sushi and robata restaurant in San Francisco this fall." [Scoop]

LOS GATOS—David Kinch and Manresa will hand over the kitchen keys to René Redzepi, one of the best young chefs in Europe, the man behind one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world, and holder of two Michelin stars: "David Kinch is pleased to welcome chef René Redzepi of Noma in Copenhagen for two evenings of guest chef dinners at Manresa. The René Redzepi Dinners offer a rare opportunity to experience the new Nordic cuisine, and to meet the chef who is receiving international acclaim for helping to invent it." Dinners are $235 and take place July 12 and 13. [KinchBlog]


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