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Eater Inside: Bar Norcini

When Caffe Kuleto went on a remodeling hiatus in March, it reemerged as Bar Norcini. Only slightly removed from the restaurant (Kuleto's) and the hotel lobby, Norcini doubles as a Euro-style cafe during the day, and a salumi/cheese/wine bar in the evening hours. It's small, simple, and being in a Union Square hotel, you'll certainly get your fair deluge of tourists. That said, it's not a terrible option in the nabe for what you get. The centerpiece of the little space is the eight-seat marble bar; a half-dozen tables complete the airy space, which opens out to Powell. Thrillist has the wine and food menu (salumi tasting flight: $12), and it should be noted that, being in the hotel lobby, Bar Norcini has free WiFi.

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