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EaterWire: Umami at Ame, Bar Marche on Friday and More

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SOMA—We're not usually big on special dinners, but Thrillist has some details on Ame's umami dinners, which begin next Monday: "Hiro Sone will roll out SF's first-ever tasting menu specifically designed to showcase Umami, the mysterious 'fifth taste': the essence of protein, once unlocked by MSG, here summoned by natural ingredients like soybean, wheat, and seasalt." [Thrillist]

GHIRARDELLI SQUARE—After initially pushing back opening to next week, Bar Marche has gotten the green light, and has now pushed forward its debut. Executive chef/co-owner Brian Crawford and company are now looking to debut this Friday the 11th. [EaterWire]

BIG SUR—The fires in Big Sur are hurting the area's restaurants too: "Many businesses in the hamlet of Big Sur are hoping to resume operations as soon as Highway 1 reopens to the public, which, depending on the progress of the firefighting, could happen within a week. In the meantime, the road has been reopened to locals (as of yesterday), so Nepenthe general manager Kirk Gafill is gearing up to reopen his restaurant to town residents within a matter of days, and he expects other local businesses such as Big Sur Roadhouse and the Big Sur River Inn and Restaurant to do the same, depending on their smoke damage." [Zagat]

WESTERN ADD./NOPA—According to the Haight Ashbury Beat, the Divisadero Farmers Market will start this Sunday and continue every Sunday from 10 am-2 pm at Grove Street and Divis. [HAB]

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