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EaterWire AM Edition: Mission Pie Planning Pizza Pies

THE MISSION—Down on 25th, Mission Pie unveiled its corner digs back in June, but you'll recall that the new kitchen won't be complete until the autumnal months. At that time, not only will all the baking and such be done on site, but according Mission Mission, the gourmet bakery will also offer, brace, pizza:

I heard whispered rumors of such a phenomenon, and so I decided to walk into the lion's den. I stepped into Mission Pie and demanded an answer from the teenager behind the counter. With darting eyes and a hushed voice, he confirmed that this is indeed the case. Mission Pie will soon expand into more than a sweet treat store: pizza is on its way!
The Mission Pie people confirm that pizzas—and other savory items like greens, breads, et al.—are indeed in their sights once the kitchen build-out is complete in September, though they'll take some time to experiment with the ovens and recipes before rolling out (confirming) a definitive expanded menu.
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Mission Pie

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