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The Dish: Basil Canteen, Zare at Fly Trap

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Welcome back to The Dish, your source for all openings, big and small. As always, if you spot something new on your block that we missed, do let us know. Today, we have a special edition that features a few local newbies who took advantage of superstition to open their doors on 8/8/08.

2008_08_basil.jpg1) SoMa: On the corner of 11th and Folsom, now open in the historic—and yes, quite picturesque—Jackson Brewery building (right) that last housed the shuttered Public is Basil Canteen. It's a Thai joint from the owners of nearby Basil Thai with a noodle-centric menu with most dishes in and around the $10 range. But one thing that is unique is the (under-$10) selection of "gap klaem," which translates roughly to Thai drinking snacks: skewers, sausages, rolls, breaded oysters, etc. Open nightly for dinner; weekdays for lunch. 1489 Folsom Street, at 11th; (415) 552-3963 [EaterWire]

2) SoMa: Right on schedule, Zare at Fly Trap debuted Friday night to a good-sized crowd. We took a gander at the opening menu last week, and we're curious to see how the place settles in over on Folsom Street. We think Hoss Zare summed up the new version in an interview with 7x7 when he said that "if you dissect it, you see the backdrop of the old Fly Trap with a mixture of California and Mediterranean." 606 Folsom Street, near Second; (415) 243-0580 website [EaterWire]