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Top Chef Season Five: Your Chef Stalking Update

Over the last few weeks, tips of all shapes and sizes have come in regarding the next season of Top Chef, which is currently filming in New York. After the first paparazzi photos surfaced last week, a few new contestant possibilities have been revealed across the country, so here's a little rundown on the upcoming season's current state of affairs:

· Absinthe's Jamie Lauren remains a rumored participant.

· Other chefs that have been identified across the Eater sites include the following: Danny Gagnon of New York, Jeff McInnis of Miami, CIA student Patrick Dunlea and down in Los Angeles, Stefan Richter and private chef (for Don Rickles) Stacey Slicha.

· Finally, for you industry kids and suspicious co-workers, one more thing to look out for, via the Mothership: "... taping for the main part of the competition will be over by August 25. Interesting to see who shows back up to work on 8/26."

You've seen the photos; you've noticed who's been gone for the last few weeks. Are there any other local chefs rumored to be on the show? Let us know. Anonymity always guaranteed.
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