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SoMa Rising: 6th Street Gets Passion Cafe, Rooftop Dining

SoMa: The City's efforts to transform the troubled areas of SoMa continue with Passion Cafe, the French bistro/bakery/cafe moving into the old pawnshop on the rather destitute corner of Sixth and Stevenson near Tu Lan. We touched on the project briefly back in April; now, there's fresh signage and fresh plywood up, and construction on the brick space is in full swing. But aside from the bistro/bakery combo, there's also been talk of rooftop garden dining, which if done well, would definitely be a pretty cool feature (and we think, probably more preferable than street-level dining around there, right Chez Papa?). Also, nothing says "bistro fare" quite like dining beneath this giant billboard.
· EaterWire: New Project on Sixth [~ESF~]

28 6th St, San Francisco, CA