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EaterWire: Urban Tavern Debuts; Tomato Week Too

UNION SQUARE—Right on schedule, tonight is opening night for Urban Tavern. The resy lines open tomorrow, but walk-ins should be accepted tonight. Last night was the opening party and a few recaps are already floating around on the interwebs, complete with requisite Harry Denton sightings and everything. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—Today also marks the commencement of Heirloom Tomato Week. The promotion lasts until the 24th of August, and a full OpenTable list of the participants can be had here. We're still not quite sure how the entire event will shake out on the actual table, so if anyone has a particularly revelatory tomato awakening (or conversely, a poor one), do let us know. [EaterWire]

ALBANY—An old-school East Bay restaurant has announced its closure, and it has a simple, honest explanation: "Walker's Restaurant and Pie Shop will close Sept. 30. Jorge Sandoval, the owner, sold the family business after 'people just stopped coming in' ... Sandoval stopped serving dinners—his bread and butter—a month ago due to soaring costs and faltering receipts." [Berkeley DP]