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The Shutter: O'Reilly's Holy Grail Doneski?

All closure notices arrive via The Shutter. Please pass along all sightings to the hotline.
Shuttered, at approx. 7pm last night.

Polk Gulch: Here we have the curious case of O'Reilly's Holy Grail. Earlier this week, it came to our attention that O'Reilly's closed the kitchen and laid off all kitchen staff, leaving only the bar operating. To make matters (much) more ominous, a spot inspection last night revealed that the entire place to be closed all together, and the phone disconnected. But then the situation takes a turn for the curious: the sister O'Reilly's in North Beach insists that the Holy Grail is, in fact, open ... which would appear to go against the direct evidence above. Perhaps it's a hiatus while the kitchen mess gets sorted out? Or maybe they're hopping on the bandwagon and turning it into a gastropub?

UPDATE: This horror story may or may not be related to the current situation.