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EaterWire: Taco Truck Shut Down, Schnitzelhaus Expands

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THE MISSION—The photo to the right comes via SFist, and it apparently shows the cops shutting down the El Toyanese taco truck that has sat at the corner of Harrison and 19th Street since the early 90s. The reason allegedly given by the cops? "Complaints." Earlier this year, Los Angeles had its own taco truck crisis; we cannot predict the confusion and chaos that would ensue were San Francisco to start cracking down on its own trucks. [SFist]

SOMA—On Ninth and Folsom, Schnitzelhaus is expanding next door into the recently-shuttered coffeehouse space on the corner. New signage is already up, and in a few weeks, they'll hoping to debut their new cafe/lounge area. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—There was a high-profile shooting around 18th and Guerrero over the weekend (someone didn't get the gentrification memo), and here's an eyewitness account from Farina: "So being only 10:30, the place was filled with diners, clinking wine glasses, and chefs’ Spanish and Italian banter. Suddenly I heard the high-pitched pops of Chinese firecrackers right outside the restaurant’s front window—one, then two more, then yelling, then something in my gut made me whisper, 'Get down!' and I grabbed the wife and we hit the concrete floor about the same moment as everyone else. We heard more pops and people running outside." More, including spooky crime tape at Farina, here. [Scotch Witchman via Mission Mission]

MICHELIN'S WORLD—It looks like Hong Kong will the next city to be graced with its own Michelin guide: "... the Gallic gourmands are turning their attention towards the eating scene in Hong Kong. It will be the second of Michelin’s high-end foraging missions in Asia, and the rumour is that Singapore is next on its list" [Times]

SOMA—The Chron bids farewell to Tranyshack nights at The Stud: "... Tuesday nights in San Francisco are about to get much more boring. Trannyshack, the 12-year-old institution founded and hosted by drag queen Heklina, completed its final run this month at the pint-size South of Market venue the Stud." [Chron]

[Photo: Flickr/maubrowncow]