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Zuni's Nectarine Dessert Leaves Something To Be Desired

Those are some stones.

The above snapshot of Zuni Cafe's $8 nectarine "dessert" comes to us via Chowhound, where the posters are doing their best to try to rationalize the dish. Zuni, we're big fans, but assuming it's not a prank, this does not look good. We know the restaurant represents the antithesis to stuff like this and we're sure that's one great nectarine, but really? Given the estimated markup, the presentation and the lack of warning, one poster sums it up nicely: "That is either ridiculously pretentious or lazy, I'm not sure which."
· Nectarine dessert at Zuni is just that [CH]

UPDATE: Zuni chimes in and says the nectarine is/was supposed to be $4.50 not $8.

Zuni Cafe

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