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CrimeWave: Someone Stole Roland Passot's Safe

Russian Hill: Roland Passot, whose French summer vacation has been steadily chronicled over the past weeks, sadly came back to one less safe at La Folie. The job is unrelated to the Oakland robberies, but San Francisco restaurants aren't immune to the bad luck (and bad heists) either:

Passot says the thieves went straight for the safe, stealing the entire box and its contents, which amounted to a significant sum of cash. He believes they carried the safe up the stairs from the basement office, damaging the walls on the way out.
So, apparently even four-star restaurants get robbed, and here's hoping that not too much cash was lost by Passot. Though the visuals of bungling burglars struggling to carry an unexpectedly-heavy safe up the unexpectedly-steep stairs, banging the walls, and then ending up on Polk Street sounds like something out of a movie.
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