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EaterWire: Changes at Baghdad Nights, Symon on Alcatraz

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2008_08_bn.jpgLOWER HAIGHT—Following some ominous hour cuts, Baghdad Nights has listened to the masses and has changed hours again: "Baghdad Nights' management are working very hard so we can provide all of our customers fresh and excellent Iraqi food in the Bay Area every day ... Today, we would like to inform all of our customers that Baghdad Nights Restaurant will open six days a week. Our new opening hours are 5pm to 11pm from Monday to Saturday, and we will reserve every Sunday for private party." [EaterWire]

TELEVISION—Tonight marks Michael Symon's debut on Dinner: Impossible, and you'll remember that it takes place at Alcatraz, which wasn't exactly conducive to Iron Chefs: "According to this video interview, Symon wasn't allowed to cook on the historic prison island so he prepared everything at an off-site facility then shipped in the food." [SE/FN]

GOLDEN GATE PARK—We've got competing Labor Day festivals! ... Kind of: "Apparently there's going to be a Thai Food festival in the Golden Gate Park County Fair building, the same weekend as Slow Food. It's rather difficult to get any information about it in English, which is probably a good sign. In fact, the only thing I could find was the poster." [Fuzzy Chef]