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NectarineGate: Zuni Cafe Pens a Response

Earlier this week, a photo of a nectarine dessert at Zuni Cafe came to light, and since then, it's caused quite the stir around the world wide interwebs. Yesterday, we ran a note from the original photographer who was responding to hoax claims, and not soon thereafter, Zuni—or a representative, we assume—chimed in on the matter as well, both in our comments and on the original Chowhound thread:

Yikes! If the customer who posted this photo was charged $8.00 for the nectarine it was definitely an error. We would love the customer to contact us with their receipt and we would be more than happy to refund the entire amount for the fruit. Checking our menus, the Blossom Bluff Summer Grand nectarine was on our dessert menu from July 29-31st for $4.50. The only $8.00 item on the menu was a pot de crème, listed directly above it. Our computers were programmed with those prices so we are not sure how it happened, but the customer should not have been charged $8.
For what it’s worth, we have many customers who ask for plain fruit instead of a prepared dessert. We try to offer something ripe and delicious, at a price which covers our food cost plus overhead (and overhead actually dwarfs food costs). If the guest would like the fruit cut up or sweetened, we are happy to do so.

We are sorry this happened but we are glad to have found out about it. We agree an $8.00 nectarine is ridiculous!

Though it's heartening to hear that the nectarine isn't eight dollars (though still not cheap), like some have pointed out, the pricetag does seem secondary in this issue. In other words, it's still overshadowed by the pure incredulity/entertainment/shock/awe had by the visual presentation of single nectarine haphazardly rolling around on a saucer in an upscale institution like Zuni.

But we're curious to hear your thoughts. Does the new price point make it OK? Is the "presentation" more of the problem? Or is there no problem here, just a sweet, lonely nectarine? Have at it in the comments.
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