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EaterWire: Andale Rumors, Tapas For Albany, MORE!

THE MARINA—Via the inbox comes some reckless rumormongering regarding the shuttered—and recently leased—Andale space on Chestnut: "I noticed that the space, on Chestnut Street, formerly occupied by Andale has been leased and there are workers in there. I asked one of the workmen what was going in there and he said it was a Mexican restaurant but he didn't know much about it." True story or confused workerbee? Stay tuned. [EaterWire]

ALBANY—Berkeley's direct neighbor to the north doesn't get as much food buzz, but now open for business is a new tapas bar called Ferratt's. It apparently just opened last week; per standard operating procedure, reports are encouraged. 854 San Pablo Avenue, between Solano and Washington; (510) 647-9014; website [EaterWire]

THE WINE WORLD—For those unaware, The New York Times' dining blog elucidates more about Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence and just how much the magazine profits from the "pay to play" awards system: "The fee has gone up to $250. More than 4,000 awards were granted this year, so Wine Spectator made more than $1 million in fees." [Diner's Journal, previously]