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East Bay Dispatch: Vik's Chaat Corner to Relocate

West Berkeley: Across the Bay, Berkeley's indie newspaper breaks the news that Vik's Chaat Corner will be moving out of its now-iconic warehouse digs, where it has been since 1989. The good news, though, is that the Chopra family will be moving the 140-seat restaurant to a newly-bought building two blocks away:

Chopra has big dreams for his new restaurant on Fourth and Channing Way, previously occupied by the children's sportswear store Sweet Potatoes, but insists that its essence will remain the same.

Although the building—which is part of the city's "Berkeley Jet" architecture series because it once belonged to a boat propulsion company—spans 25,000 square feet, Chopra plans to use 6,000 square feet to build a 175-seat restaurant and lease out the rest

Even though the new Vik's will be bigger, the vibe is anticipated to remain:

"We will do our best to keep the warehouse look. It's what makes Vik's special. I did have a few options to move out of West Berkeley and follow the Indian crowd to Fremont, but every time I thought of it, I felt I would be taking the essence out of Vik's."
The article doesn't mention a timeline, but a source at the restaurant says the move probably won't happen until March of 2009.
· Vik’s Chaat Corner: On the Move [Daily Planet]

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