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Eater Inside Special Edition: XYZ Summer

Seeing as how this is the last "true" week of summer '08 (that was fast, wasn't it?), we thought it a good time to dispatch The Yin to take an official look at XYZ for the Eater Inside records. Earlier this summer, the restaurant took its first crack at the seasonal decor gimmick that has worked quite well elsewhere. Of course, XYZ's summer look isn't entirely stunning or dramatic; beach photos and random surfboards make up the majority of the new decor. Bauer didn't quite approve of the move—the words "misguided attempt" come to mind—but even he can't deny it gave some buzz to a restaurant that was getting none at the time, so we're giving the marketing move an incomplete ... for now. The food remains very solid, but by our count, the real test will be the autumnal transformation: will it be a lackluster one or an impressive one? Because the potential, it is there.