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Eater Queries: Who's Missing From the Visionary List?

With the final installment of the Visionary mini-series published today, Michael Bauer's puffy ode to a few of his favorite—and consequently, most lauded—Bay Area chefs has come to its stirring conclusion. Even though the series received its fair share of snickers around the country and was surely a sapfest, it was in many ways a Hall of Fame for the Bauer's local chef royalty. Nearly all of the expected heavyweights made cameos—including Sir Thomas, pictured, right—and so did a few surprises, like Ruggero Gadaldi and Tony Gulisano. But what we want to know is the following: which chefs are missing?

There are definitely a few big-name chefs that missed the cut—Falkner, Cosentino, Des Jardins, Danko, Manrique, to name a few—and for what it's worth, of the eight current four-star chefs in the Bay, only Roland Passot and Ron Siegel are absent. Of course, being a big name does not a visionary make. After the jump is the complete 20; take a gander and share your thoughts on which chefs were "forgotten" by the Big Bad Bauer.

The List:

Paul Bertolli, Fra' Mani
Ann Cooper, cafeteria lady
Jeremy Fox, Ubuntu
Ruggero Gadaldi, Beretta
Tony Gulisano, Chow
Gerard Hirigoyen, Piperade
Douglas Keane, Cyrus
Thomas Keller, French Laundry
David Kinch, Manresa
Paula LeDuc, caterer
Emily Luchetti, Farallon
Michael Mina, Michael Mina
Nancy Oakes, Boulevard
Daniel Patterson, Coi
Cindy Pawlcyn, Mustards
Charles Phan, Slanted Door
Judy Rodgers, Zuni Cafe
Hiro Sone, Terra
Craig Stoll, Delfina
Alice Waters, Chez Panisse
Your additions and/or subtractions, in the comments field, please.
· The Bay Area's Visionary Chefs [Chron]