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Fun With Feuds

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2008_07_bottleshock-thumb.jpgEarlier this week, Sonoma took some shots at its neighbor/rival Napa with regards to Bottle Shock, and now Napa fires back at both Sonoma and the movie: "Forever resenting the role of the poor cousin in relation to famed Napa, with this movie, Sonoma gets to sees us with egg on our face; and with the exception of the shots at the winery, and a few drive-by scenes in downtown Calistoga, the movie was written, produced, and filmed in Sonoma ... So, if you believe Petaluma is Paris, and the Santa Rosa plain is the Napa Valley, and especially if you live in Sonoma, you may want to see this film." Gosh, why doesn't everyone just take Chiarello's advice: "...this movie is like a great rosé on a late summer night, pure enjoyment, not to be taken too seriously" [St. Helena Star, previously]