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Great Moments in Plywood: How Famous Chefs Start Buzz

Spot some fresh plywood on your block? Send it along; the tipline is always open.

The Fillmore: Remember Bruno's, the pizza/pasta/salad/entrees restaurant going in directly across the street from Yoshi's that is promoting itself as headed by a "world famous chef"? Well, details are still trickling in about Bruno's (still very much under construction) and Chef Claudius Oliveira—though the commenters have some thoughts—but the man himself sent us the following, ahem, cryptic note: IS GOIG TO BE SEAT DOWN IAM ALMOST BDONE WITH MY MENU. And now a tipster sends the above shot.

But that's not all, because in the wake of an appearance in the Plywood Report a few weeks ago, it seems that Bruno's is doing things the old-fashioned way too, as in leaving the contact info for anyone wondering about the place. Confidential to all restaurateurs: if, for some reason, the Eater tipline isn't your preferred method of communication, using your plywood as a message board works just fine too. You know, especially for you world famous chefs.
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