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EaterWire: Taco Truck Rebuttals, AKA Nears, Sizzler Pays

THE MISSION—In response to yesterday's illegal taco truck revelations, the woman spearheading the anti-El Tonayense movement on 19th and Harrison pens an entire column on the controversy in the Examiner. Much of the rhetoric is similar to her take in the comments, but here's a snippet: "Aside from concerns that catering trucks dangle tempting and unhealthy items in front of kids in the face of a national childhood obesity crisis ... the quality of the food in the lunch line suffers. And that impacts the most vulnerable students: the youngest, the poorest, and many disabled students." Right war, wrong battle? [SFE]

ST. HELENA—The last liquor license in St. Helena was finally approved this week to Robert Simon for his new restaurant, called AKA. Simon, who also owns Bistro 45 in Pasadena, is hoping to open as soon as next Tuesday, but we're hearing that mid to late September is a more realistic possibility. [EaterWire]

REDWOOD CITYSizzler has agreed to pay a harassed cook $300,000 after a fellow kitchen staffer called her names and touched her in bad ways: "The settlement, which contains no admission of wrongdoing, requires the company to conduct anti-harassment training for all managers and employees at the Redwood City restaurant and post notices advising workers of their rights." [Chron]

THE INTERNET—Speaking of saving the children, we just had to share this horrific (and slightly exploitative) commercial, which links hot dogs, children and cancer. [Cutty]

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