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Slow Food Nation: Scenes From the Taste Pavilions

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Fort Mason: Today, the Taste Pavilions opened up shop to the general public, so in the above gallery, do peruse the various special booths. The longest lines were reserved for the pizza, cheese and charcuterie pavilions, prompting more "slow food" jokes from unfunny people than you'd ever want. But, the first-time event ran rather swimmingly; lines did move quickly and the sold-out event was thankfully not packed at capacity levels (c.f. Oktoberfest). For those of you going on Sunday, the Saturday winners, in our very humble opinion, were the following: the fish pavilion, for having a very convenient trio of seafood "tastes" (well done, Nopa and Dopo) sans line, the passed pork belly floating about, the ice cream pavilion, the beer pavilion (naturally), and our favorite taste of them all: the rabbit/trotter terrine at the charcuterie station.

Coming up tomorrow: the lecture series, plus entertaining sights from Fort Mason, including the celebrity chefs, some choice quotes, and—wait for it—the more ridiculous side of the shindig. (Teaser: "This farm you are tasting right now is...")
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