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Michael Symon to Debut Dinner: Impossible on Alcatraz

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We have a sneaking suspicion that the entire Robert Irvine mess earlier this year probably gave Dinner: Impossible more name recognition that the show had when it was actually on-air, even if it was technically the network's third-highest rated show. Newly-crowned Iron Chef—and noted Chris Cosentino bud—Michael Symon, who is famous for non-fictional reasons, is taking the reins this season, and as you may have spied in the television spots over the weekend, Alcatraz is the setting for the premiere. From the inbox:

In the season premiere of Dinner: Impossible, new host Chef Michael Symon starts off with one of his toughest challenges when he heads to "The Rock" to cook for an exclusive event at America's most notorious prison. With kitchens separated by a city and a schedule that restricts his time on the island, will Michael live within the limits of the law or will this be Dinner: Impossible?
The early over-under for bad prison jokes? Nine. Odds that there's a Birdman-poultry line somewhere in there too: Even. Elsewhere on the FN Bay beat, Guy Fieri and his film crew are rumored to be making the rounds today at a few local faves, including Sol Food in Marin and Tommy's Joynt on Van Ness.
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