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Top Chef NY: First Photos Surface, Cheftestants Revealed!

Top Chef fanatics, hold on to your fauxhawks: via the Mothership and NYC photographer Kurt Strahm, behold the first paparazzi shots of the season five contestants leaving their home base in Williamsburg. If this is indeed the remaining group—we know at least several challenges and eliminations have already gone down—then we count four or five women along with at least six male chefs. Also, one rumored participant is nowhere to be seen, although we don't see the face of a ponytailed blond girl in the last pic. Intriguing, yes?

Anyway, to the big question: TC fans, restaurant industry insiders—and pretty much anyone else unencumbered by a million dollar confidentiality agreement—it's your turn to do your part. Does anyone recognize anyone? If you can ID any of the above chefs, let us know.
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