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EaterWire: Blue Bottle to Move Inside the Ferry Building

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FERRY BUILDING—After years of hovering outside (pictured), we suppose it was only a matter of time before Blue Bottle swung a spot within the friendly confines of the Ferry Building. From this week's Scoop:

[Blue Bottle bossman James Freeman is] planning for a stand-up counter similar to the coffee bars of Europe and very small prep area to fix "a couple of bites." He's not sure about seats, but is certain that he won't install the Japanese siphon equipment that's a big draw at Mint Plaza ... the new cafe not only is much smaller but will be designed to relieve the lines at the Blue Bottle stands at the Tuesday and Saturday farmers' markets. Those twice-weekly stands will remain; the cafe will be open daily.
When it opens in the fall, the cafe will be in the current Oak Hill Farm space, directly across the way from Ciao Bella on the end of the marketplace closer to Out the Door and Taylor's. Even putting aside Blue Bottle's massive appeal, with the FiDi near, ferry-goers streaming through, and tourists aplenty, there's no way this won't be a hit (good luck Peet's). And so the evolution of the Ferry Building continues.
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Blue Bottle Café

66 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103