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DOH Report: Ubuntu Tries to Make Nice With Napa Health Dept. After Its Last Score of "F"

Napa: Everyone from Bruni and Bauer to the Beard House has sang the praises of Ubuntu, and it's obviously with good reason that Ubuntu is the hottest restaurant in California, if not the world. And even though we've been hearing rumblings that it had been having problems with permits for its use of garden produce and the like, we had no idea that it was carrying a current health department grade of an F (pdf doc here) after a C earlier.

The good news is that the violations had nothing to do with any type of critters or other grossness per se, but with temperature control and the, well, boundary-breaking nature of the operation. The bad news is that the repeat visit still resulted in an F and we suppose even super-restaurants have to follow the rules. However, since then, Ubuntu says all required corrective steps have been taken: everything is supposedly fixed, the garden is approved, their vendors OK'ed, and the Health Dept. is now reportedly "extremely satisfied."

From the report (see pdf), the main violation that resulted in a harsh loss of a 18 points was an observation of "wheat berries, potato salad, whole shell eggs at temperatures of 50-130 F." Other point-heavy infractions included having cooked veggies (asparagus, beets, cauliflower) cooling in non-refrigerated spaces, so it's clear that there was some sort disconnect on the temperature policies.

The new DOH report is supposed to be released on Thursday, at which time we'll be sure to share the new news, which is hopefully going to be positive, because three consecutive inspections with more than 20 points means a shutdown.
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