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Bartender Throws Pint Glass at Non-Tipping Yelpers, Fulfills Darkest Fantasies of Restaurateurs Everywhere

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FiDi/SoMa: Obviously, in no way whatsoever should anyone—let alone bartenders—be in a regular habit of tossing glasses, but we must say that we're rather enjoying SFist's coverage of an incident last night at the delightfully-divey House of Shields. From some bitter, teary-eyed, OMG-I'm-so-offended testimony on Yelp, here's how we put the pieces together, with the lesson that you really shouldn't piss off bartenders at bars that opened in 1908:

1) Participants: "about 13 co-workers celebrating an upcoming wedding" with an open tab on a credit card, "steadily ordering drinks."

2) Scene: A crowded bar with one female bartender, leaving Yelper whining/waiting "for twenty, thirty minutes" trying to order a round of ten drinks at once.

3) Taunt #1: After finally closing out tab, Yelper decides to teach bartender a lesson by leaving zero tip on a $200 bill.

4) Taunt #2: Before leaving, Yelper tells bartender "Hey if we had better service we could have easily racked up an additional $100."

5) Result: Upon seeing $0 tip, bartender tosses pint glass on the floor in front of horrified Yelpers and tells them to exit the premises (in so many words, probably). Clearly not the best way for a bartender to handle getting stiffed, but still, no tip on a $200 bill, because you couldn't order another round of 10 in a timely manner? Really?

6) Aftermath: Flurry of negative reviews show up on the web, bragging about the incident, even by those not in attendance, along with stuff like this: "I'll avoid this place and its glass throwing, drunken bartender like the plague...Thanks for the heads up fellow yelpers!"

And thus, the reputations of Yelp and the House of Shields are furthered.
· Yelpers Attack House of Shields Bartender, Entertainment Ensues [SFist]

[Original photo via Flickr]

UPDATE: House of Shields responds to SFist, says bartender slammed a glass on the bar.

House of Shields

39 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105