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In an article where mixologists are called "bar chefs," Chron food writer emeritus GraceAnn Walden shares what might be a wee bit too much inappropriate info about her non-professional relationship with her, um, soul mate Jan Birnbaum (awk-ward!): "I've known Jan Birnbaum since he was the executive chef at Campton Place in the early '90s. On a trip to Aspen for the Food & Wine Classic, we hung out at a nightclub, and later, both pretty inebriated and high, sat on a bench and talked about our lives. 'I remember that night – that's when you and I became soul mates,' he says. Birnbaum was married, and I was living with someone, but the crush was mutual. I never took the next step, and I can't say why; I just didn't." So ... there's that. [Northside]