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Eater Inside: Marche on the Square

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Ghirardelli Square: Here we have a tour of the dual-use downstairs area at Marche on the Square, the most recent in a flurry of new openings to grace Ghirardelli in the last year or so. The upstairs bistro, Bar Marche, has yet to open mostly due to some red tape involving elevator access, but now open for a few weeks and serving the full menu is the Marche wine bar. The owner and executive chef is Brian Crawford, who was previously at Dean & Deluca (an influence clear when you see the adjacent food shop), and the idea is that Marche will help draw locals (back?) to Ghirardelli. Further reading can be had in the Eater Archives, and Thrillist has the "Un-Deux-Trois" menu. We haven't heard much since its debut, so if you're a local drawn in out of curiosity, do share your thoughts on Marche.