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EaterWire: Press Club Open, Plus Chiarello Napa News

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2008_09_renderingPC.jpgYERBA BUENA—As announced earlier in the week, Press Club officially made its long-awaited debut last night, and the development of Yerba Buena Lane continues. Next up: Tropisueno. Until then, read up on Press Club in the archives and if you've been, let us know your thoughts. 20 Yerba Buena Lane, near Market Street; (415) 744-5000; website [EaterWire]

YOUNTVILLE—Those who participate in the release of Chiarello Vineyards fall wines will also be able to attend a Michael Chiarello dinner in a historic barrel room, and get a sneak peek at Bottega: "Chiarello will take attendees on a behind-the-scenes tour of Bottega, which will be about six weeks from opening at the time of the party. The menu for the evening will include an exclusive preview of the food Chiarello is creating for this restaurant." Tickets start at $540. [St. Helena Star]

NAPA—Unlike Oakland, in Wine Country, robbers favor the sneaky approach: "Two Napa businesses were broken into on Tuesday night. Mary's Pizza Shack on Jefferson Street and Carl's Jr on Imola Avenue reported to police someone had entered their businesses sometime between closing on Tuesday and opening on Wednesday." [NVR]

FOOD NETWORK—Today's new television show about food: come October, the FN will try their hand at a reality show where a former inmate will try to rehabilitate troubled youths ... with catering training! [Futon Critic via GS]